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Actor / Singer / Guitarist

Liberty or Death August 3rd - at Historic St. John's Church in Richmond

On August 3rd Lucas will portray the role of Peyton Randolph!


The summer season of public performances began during America's Bicentennial and continues today.  These performances occur each Sunday in the summer beginning Memorial Day weekend and run through Labor Day weekend. 

The Anniversary Performance takes place on the Sunday closest to March 23rd, the anniversary of the day on which Henry delivered his speech.  The Veterans Day Performance takes place each November on the Sunday before Veterans Day. There is also a public performance as part of Court End Christmas.  Court End Christmas is an annual Richmond tradition when many sites located in and near downtown Richmond throw open their doors to celebrate the coming holiday.

 Lucas plays the roles of Peyton Randolph, Thomas Nelson Jr., Richard Henry Lee, Robert Carter Nicholas or Benjamin Harrison.



1:15 pm - Free tickets are distributed at the front door.
1:30 pm - Music program on the 1905 Stein organ
1:45 pm - "Liberty or Death"

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Check out this Richmond Times-dispatch article titled "‘Give Me Liberty’ actors put heart into portraying revolutionaries: Cast for ‘Give Me Liberty’ shows in Richmond strives to take audience back to 1775" - click here

Killing Kennedy on The National Geographic Channel

Killing Kennedy premiered on November 10th on the National Geographic Channel.   Lucas played the role of a Dallas Police Officer (Officer Atwell).  

Director: Nelson McCormick

Writers: Kelly Masterson & Bill O'Reilly

Producer: Ridley Scott

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SOS: Mayday, Mayday, Mayday!! at the Mariners Museum

This was filmed by Dreams Factory for the Mariners Museum.

This Mariners’ Museum exhibition explores the aftermath of marine catastrophes through the perspective of those who have been cast adrift on the sea.

Description from the Mariners' Museum website:
SOS:Mayday, Mayday, Mayday!!
Immerse yourself in the chaos of sinking ships through a multi-media production.  Experience the terror of witnessing a ship breaking apart and sinking... then hear the cries of passengers in a their struggle to survive.  Feel the panic and anxiety as you realize you are lost, and alone in the ocean.


 Lucas plays the role of a ship's captain in the middle of a terrible storm.


You can watch the video here -

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"Keepers of the Flame" - new welcome video for the Virginia State Capitol

The Virginia Capitol Foundation, in partnership with Tim Reid & New Millennium Studios, produced this orientation film titled "Keepers of the Flame" which premiered October 25, 2012.

 The film is available for viewing seven days a week during regular state capital tour hours.     -

Lucas played Carter Braxton, a delegate to the 2nd Virginia convention of 1775,  at the convention where Patrick Henry gave his famous "Give me Liberty or Give me Death!" speech.

For behind the scenes photos click here and/or here

Click here for the Virginia Capital Foundation press release

You can now watch The Feeding on Netflix!

"High in the Appalachian Mountains and under a full moon, a timeless evil rises. An awakened predator whose savagery and ferocity are matched only by its insatiable appetite. Consumed by its legendary bloodlust, the creature begins the hunt for its oldest and most dangerous prey: Man. Special Agent Jack Driscoll has seen this before. The beast is his obsession and his nightmare. Now, he and his new partner must race against the rising moon to save a group of unsuspecting campers. Outmatched and unarmed, the frightened group must rally themselves to survive the night. As their numbers dwindle and their strength wanes, the group scrambles to answer the only question that will save their lives; how do you kill the unkillable?" - IMDB plot summary for The Feeding







Parsons' Cause at Historic Hanover Courthouse - Lucas plays the roles of Samuel Gist or William McDowell.

        The "minds and hearts of the people" began to change in Hanover County Virginia on December 1, 1763.  It was at the old Hanover County Courthouse when an obscure country lawyer named Patrick Henry challenged the authority of the Church of England, and the King of England.  In the "Parsons' Cause" as Henry's case became known, Patrick Henry thundered against the King's disavowal of a law passed by the Virginia House of Burgesses.  In addition to thrusting Patrick Henry into the forefront of the Colonial legal and political circles, the Parsons' Cause established part of the foundation of the coming American Revolution. 

         The Parsons' Cause Foundation, Inc. is a non-profit corporation whose mission is to sponsor reenactments of, and promote the historical significance of the Parsons' Cause.  The Foundation is pleased to present free public shows of the Parsons' Cause - Prelude to Revolution.  The shows will be held at the same Hanover Courthouse where Patrick Henry tried the case in 1763.
   These shows last about 45 minutes, and participants are asked to serves as jurors, gentleman justices, or parties to the case.
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