Lucas Hall

Actor / Singer / Guitarist

Virginia Thanksgiving Festival at Berkeley Plantation November 4, 2018

Virginia Thanksgiving Festival at Berkeley Plantation:

Celebrate the First English Speaking Thanksgiving in the New World

Join us for a day dedicated to history, food and fun with tours of the 1726 manor house,a living history program,

tribal dancers, arts, crafts & jewelry vendors, choral music, traditional Thanksgiving dinner

and a re-enactment of the 1619 Landing of Capt. Woodlief & his men.

Nowhere can you find a more exciting, more educational or more enjoyable way to add to holiday traditions

than a beautiful fall day at Berkeley Plantation. ( )

House Tours 9-4:30 11/4/2019 Festival 12pm-4pm

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Lucas again portrayed Thomas Coopy a member of the crew of the Margaret

Homeland on Showtime

Lucas appeared in Homeland Season 7 episode 10 as a White House Correspondent.  Episode 10 premiered on Showtime April 15th 2018.

For more information about Homeland go to

For an episode guide and TV schedule, check out's Homeland page

For a little about the filming of Homeland in Richmond, check out this Richmond Family Magazine article

Legends & Lies: The Civil War

The first episode of Legends & Lies: The Civil War premiered Sunday March 25 at 8pm on Fox! 

In Legends & Lies season 3: The Civil War, Lucas was featured in the episode that covered First Battle of Bull Run where he portrayed Robert Birchfield in a great scene with Senator Henry Wilson.

 For more information check out: Warm Spring Productions

Virginia Thanksgiving Festival at Berkeley Plantation November 5, 2017

Virginia Thanksgiving Festival at Berkeley Plantation:

Celebrate the First English Speaking Thanksgiving in the New World


Join us for a day dedicated to history, food and fun with tours of the 1726 manor house,a living history program,

tribal dancers, arts, crafts & jewelry vendors, choral music, traditional Thanksgiving dinner

and a re-enactment of the 1619 Landing of Capt. Woodlief & his men.


Nowhere can you find a more exciting, more educational or more enjoyable way to add to holiday traditions

than a beautiful fall day at Berkeley Plantation. ( )


House Tours 9-4:30 11/5/2017 Festival 12pm-4pm

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Lucas will portray Thomas Coopy a member of the crew of the Margaret

Richmond Family Magazine (July 2017 issue): "Living History in Church Hill!

Richmond Family Magazine interviewed members of the "Liberty or Death" cast.

"St. John’s Church Foundation has been presenting historical reenactments of the Convention at its original location since 1976. Actors in period attire portray nine delegates, including Patrick Henry, Thomas Jefferson, and George Washington."

"Lucas Hall, who works for Virginia Repertory Theatre and also acts in theatre, film, and television, takes his various roles in the production to heart. “I am a huge history buff and an actor, so this marries my two loves,” says Hall, who started with the reenactment in 2006 with the filming of Liberty or Death. “Having been in the cast this long, we are kind of like an extended family. At this point, it is more than just an acting gig.”

These days, you’ll see Hall portraying Peyton Randolph, Robert Carter Nicholas, Richard Henry Lee, Benjamin Harrison, Thomas Nelson, and once in a while, Thomas Jefferson.

Growing up in Virginia, he has always been interested in history. “Lots of our family vacations were to historical sites in the region,” Hall says.

As preparation for his roles, he recently went to Williamsburg to visit Randolph’s house and Nicholas’s pew at Bruton Parrish Church. He also visited Yorktown to see Nelson’s house and Berkeley Plantation to visit Harrison’s house.


“I also took a special trip to Philadelphia a couple years ago to see Carpenters’ Hall, the site of the First Continental Congress where Randolph was our first president,” he says. “I went to lots of other places in Philadelphia, but what I really wanted to see was Carpenters’ Hall.” "

"At Historic St. John’s Church, the mission is to engage students and adults by placing them in the very setting where our forefathers debated the issues that ultimately led to the founding of the United States. More than 40,000 students and adults from across the country and around the world travel to St. John’s Church annually. Programs include guided tours, reenactments, classroom lessons aligned to Virginia Standards of Learning, free programs for Title I schools, historical exhibitions, and several lectures every year. The gift shop is another highlight for visitors. Check out the RFM calendar (beginning on page 46) for details about the weekly reenactment, or visit" 

Check out the full article by Joan Tupponce here  


OneVirginia2021 and WCVE: GerryRIGGED: Turning Democracy on its Head

GerryRIGGED: Turning Democracy On Its Head 


Documentary on Redistricting Reform Coming to WCVE PBS This Fall

 The Community Idea Stations and OneVirginia2021 are joining forces to produce a statewide public television documentary, OneVirginia2021: Virginians for Fair Redistricting. This one-hour documentary will bring awareness to the impact of gerrymandering, and explore how Virginia can progress from a system where legislators create their own districts toward a system that makes sense for true representative government.

Gerrymandering is the deliberate manipulation of legislative district boundaries for political gain. In Virginia, both Democrats and Republicans have engaged in this practice to distort the electoral process, promote the party in power, and turn competitive districts into non-competitive ones.  The Washington Post has called ending gerrymandering “the biggest ethics issue facing the state.”

OneVirginia2021: Virginians for Fair Redistricting will examine the historical context and consequences of gerrymandering through a multi-partisan lens that includes Republicans, Democrats, Independents, Libertarians and the Tea Party. The documentary will explore the impact on communities and individual lives by including testimonials from strategists, political consultants, and map drawers, and by incorporating interviews with the men and women in politics who have the most to win - and perhaps lose - through reform.

“Gerrymandering is the enemy of representative government. It deliberately manipulates the system to take away from voters the very choice that should be a hallmark of our system,” says program producer William Oglesby. “We hope with this documentary to help citizens understand that this isn't the way it has to be; that the voters have a right to choose their representatives rather than the representatives choose them.”


In the fall of 2013, a diverse group of citizens came together to seek reform of the redistricting process in Virginia. From that meeting, a new coalition emerged to end gerrymandering. Now called OneVirginia2021: Virginians for Fair Redistricting, the organization brings together individuals from all over Virginia who believe that state and congressional districts belong to the citizens of this Commonwealth and not to any legislator, political party, or special interest. The coalition focuses on creating a fair process that includes an amendment to the Virginia Constitution establishing an impartial commission – independent of the General Assembly – to draw legislative district lines. The commission would use objective, nonpartisan criteria, invite public participation and be fully transparent. To get this real, lasting change, OneVirginia2021 urges all Virginians to become part of this important effort.



Lucas is in the scene featuring Patrick Henry discussing early Virginia congressional districts

Photo here -

OneVirginia2021 is working on additional showings of GerryRIGGED and would love your help!  If you’re interested in showing this and having a conversation about redistricting reform, please email them at [email protected].

 Showing on your local PBS station

Tuesday, October 18th – WBRA Roanoke – 7:00pm

Sunday, October 23rd – WHRO Norfolk at 7:00pm

Monday, October 24th – WHUT Howard (D.C.) – 9:00am

 Monday, October 24th – WHTJ Charlottesville – 9:00pm

Monday, October 24th – WCVE Richmond – 9:00pm
Thursday, October 27th – WCVW Richmond – 8:00pm
Thursday, October 27th – WVPT Harrisonburg – 8:00pm

 Monday, October 30th – WHUT Howard (D.C.) – 7:00pm


check out or more information! 

Virginia Thanksgiving Festival: November 6th, 2016

Virginia Thanksgiving Festival at Berkeley Plantation:

Celebrate the First English Speaking Thanksgiving in the New World


Join us for a day dedicated to history, food and fun with tours of the 1726 manor house,a living history program,

tribal dancers, arts, crafts & jewelry vendors, choral music, traditional Thanksgiving dinner

and a re-enactment of the 1619 Landing of Capt. Woodlief & his men.


Nowhere can you find a more exciting, more educational or more enjoyable way to add to holiday traditions

than a beautiful fall day at Berkeley Plantation. ( )


House Tours 9-4:30 11/6/2016 Festival 12pm-4pm

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Lucas will portray Thomas Coopy a member of the crew of the Margaret

Virginia Repertory Theatre presents 1776, the Musical 9/28-10/23/2016


Book by Peter Stone

Music and Lyrics by Sherman Edwards

Directed by Debra Clinton



  Raucous, witty, and patriotic, this Tony Award-winning musical is a rousing celebration of American history.  Led by the fiery and persuasive John Adams (portrayed by Scott Wichmann), the founding fathers incite the divided Continental Congress to vote for independence.


Previews September 28 & 29

The November Theatre

Marjorie Arenstein Stage

For tickets call (804) 282-2620


 Lucas portrays the role of Andrew McNair

 Who was Andrew McNair?  click here for historical information 



Richmond Times-Dispatch Theater review: says "Scott Wichmann and Jason Marks, perfectly cast as Adams and Franklin, reign supreme over “1776”" and “1776 also succeeds through the excellent work of the rest of its talented cast" for the full review click here 

 GayRVa theatre review titled: ’1776′ at Virginia Rep turns American History into patriotic joy says "Wichmann and Marks play off each other beautifully.", "Alexander Sapp does very fine work as a very courtly Edward Rutledge" and "There are many actors to admire in this production." for the full review click here 

TVJerry theatre review gives the show 5 out of 5 stars and calls 1776 the Musical at Virginia Rep "An immensely entertaining history lesson." and says "director Deb Clinton has assured that every comic moment hits its potential. " and "The songs shine with good voices and simple, clever choreography." for the full review click here 


Legends & Lies: The Patriots

The first episode of LEGENDS & LIES: THE PATRIOTS premiered Sunday, June 5th at 8pm on Fox. 

"This 10-part series dispels the exaggerations and falsehoods which have developed over the years, shedding new light on iconic characters and their stories. Legends & Lies cuts through the myths and brings untold truths to the screen for the first time.

From Sam and John Adams to Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin and George Washington - experience the personal struggles of these iconic characters as they transform a regional conflict into a revolution that will define the Unites States of America and change the entire history of the world." 

full list of Episodes:

Sunday, June 5: Samuel Adams and Paul Revere

Sunday, June 12: John Adams: Ready for War

Sunday, June 19: Benjamin Franklin - Inventing America

Sunday, June 26: General George Washington - Commanding Revolution

Sunday, July 3: Thomas Jefferson - Independence Declared

Sunday, July 10: Benedict Arnold - American Traitor

Sunday, July 17: Francis Marion - American Guerrilla Fighter

Sunday, July 24: President George Washington - Forged In Conflict

Sunday, July 31: Alexander Hamilton & Aaron Burr - Deadly Division

Three more special episodes will air in December...

Sunday, December 11: Forgotten Heroes

Sunday, December 18: America's First Christmas

Sunday, January 1: How Freedom Was Won 

Lucas portrays the role of James McHenry in scenes with John Adams (portrayed by Scott Wichmann) and Alexander Hamilton (portrayed by Alexander McPherson)

Who was James McHenry?  

James McHenry was a signer of the United States Constitution from Maryland and the is the namesake of Fort McHenry.  During the Revolutionary War, McHenry served as a military surgeon.  He was a delegate to the Continental Congress from Maryland (1783-1786), and the third United States Secretary of War (1796–1800), under the first and second presidents, George Washington,and John Adams. 

FOX to Premiere Season 2 of Docu-Series LEGENDS AND LIES, 6/5/2016

Freedom's Apostles - The Trial of the Spotsylvania Baptists - 8/6/2016

Responsibility for our Religious Freedoms came through the actions of our Founding Fathers. While much of our attention has been put on the Statute of Religious Freedoms passed in Virginia, little of the actual events leading up to its passage have been discussed. Leading the fight "in the trenches" was Patrick Henry. His defense of religious dissenters in Caroline, Chesterfield and other counties help shape popular opinion so that the Statute could be passed.

 In Colonial Virginia there was but one established, government-supported religion – the Church of England.  All Virginians, like it or not, were compelled to tithe, or contribute to its support.  Various Acts of Toleration had been passed but were not universally enforced or consistently interpreted.  With the rise of the “New Lights,” those who rejected the established church, religious dissenters began to test the limits of those laws.

The first known defense was in 1768 in Spotsylvania County where three preachers faced imprisonment for publicly proclaiming the Gospel at the Upper Spotsylvania Baptist Meeting House.  Because the courthouse for Spotsylvania from that time no longer stands, "Freedom’s Apostles," a theatrical reenactment of the trial, is held in the Historic Hanover Courthouse.  “Freedom’s Apostles” bring the arguments and passions to life in a way that informs, educates and entertains.  Witness Patrick Henry’s inspirational defense of a liberty that we all hold dear.


A performance of “Freedom’s Apostles – The Trial of the Spotsylvania Baptists” will be held at 11:00 a.m. on August 6, 2016 at the Historic Hanover County Courthouse.

For more information go to

Lucas will portray Oliver Towles 

Filming complete for the colonial historical documentary "The Regulators 250"

“ShutteRelease Films announces that all the filming for the re-release of “The Regulators” has been completed. Our final scenes were filmed at the historic Hanover County courthouse in Virginia which was built in 1735. Our actors included many of the cast of “The Parson’s Cause” ( and Ted Henson playing Rednap Howell. We were able to capture scenes showing the courthouse rings and scenes to support the Hillsborough Riot of 1770. We would like to thank all who participated in this filming”  

 for more information check out

Here's a little more about the history - click here 


I Have a Dream - January 27- February 14, 2016


January 27 – February 14, 2016

Virginia Rep's Children's Theatre at Willow Lawn

By Bruce Craig Miller

Part of the Acts of Faith Festival

For more information and tickets go to 

The phenomenal impact of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. is chronicled in this compelling dramatization of the life and times of one of the most influential and charismatic leaders of the American Century. Inspired by the arrest of Rosa Parks, Dr. King puts his philosophy of nonviolent protest to work. He gains recognition and becomes the dominant force in the Civil Rights Movement during its decade of greatest achievement.

Length: 1 hour  - Suggested for ages 7 and up.


On Sunday, January 31 Virginia Rep hosted a panel discussion following the performance. Read more at the Acts of Faith Festival.


Lucas portrayed various people including George Wallace. 



Richmond Times-Dispatch says "“I Have a Dream” is a compelling dramatization of the life and times of the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr."  CLICK HERE for the full review

Richmond Family Magazine says ”Your Family Should See “I Have a Dream” from Virginia Rep“ and “Jessi Johnson, Mike Brown, and Lucas Hall shine in Virginia Rep’s “I Have a Dream.” Full review here 

New Voices for the Theatre: 26th Annual Festival of New Works

SPARC presented the 26rd Annual New Voices for the Theatre: FESTIVAL OF NEW WORKS

Friday, July 10, 2015 @ 7 p.m. (four plays: "What Are We Missing?", "Speed Dating", "Abnormals Anonymous" and"Happy Endings")

July 11 @ 7 p.m. (four plays: "A Teen's Life", "Just Another Yesterday", "Til Death" and "Family Business")

at Theatre VCU's Shafer Street Playhouse


Lucas performed in "Speed Dating" on 7/10/2015 which was directed by Brad Tuggle!


For more information about New Voices for the Theatre check out

 VCU's Shafer Street Playhouse

Monsters and Mysteries in America

The premier episode of Monsters and Mysteries in America titled - "Demon Panthers, Helicopter Crew Meets UFO, Doppelganger" aired Wednesday March 25th, 2015 at 10pm

This episode will rerun on both Destination America and The Discovery Channel

Lucas plays Mr. Allenton in the Demon Panthers segment of the program.

"Across Southern Illinois, townsfolk arm themselves against a demonic feline predator. A teenage girl tangles with a terrifying doppelganger that attempts to take her place. Two police chopper pilots in air combat with a UFO trying to shoot them down." 


Jan. 20, 2015 - The Father, or Family Feuds and Raymond and Agness, or The Bleeding Nun

The Father, or Family Feuds by Denis Diderot and Raymond and Agness, or The Bleeding Nun by Matthew Gregory Lewis. On December 26th, 1811, an excited crowd of theatergoers had packed themselves into the Richmond Theatre to see a double bill of a play and a pantomime. The play was The Father, or Family Feuds, a translation from French comedy by Diderot, about a young nobleman who falls in love with a poor girl. His family threatens to send her to a convent—and much hilarity ensues. The pantomime that followed it was Raymond and Agness, or The Bleeding Nun—a Gothic story of the Bleeding Nun who haunts the castle of Lindberg.

On that fateful night, 518 adults and 80 children were enjoying the performance in the Richmond Theatre on Broad Street, when a chandelier in the theatre started a fire. The flames were fed by the hanging drops on the stage and soon roared out of control. The audience panicked and stampeded the doors. 72 died in the fire: 54 women and 18 men, including Governor George William Smith, and former Senator Abraham Venable. It was the worst urban disaster of all time in the country. We will present our reading at the Monumental Church, which was built on the grounds of the theatre as a memorial to commemorate the 72 people who died on the site.

Presented on Tuesday, January 20, 2015 at 7pm at Monumental Church.

 Check out for details.


Director - Mess Rayford

Stage Manager - Jackie Cook



The Father - Bo Wilson, The Commander - Chris Dunn, Cecile - Aly Wepplo, Saint-Albin - Jonathan Conyers, Germeuil - David Janosik, Sophie - Laurel Maughan, Madame Hebert - Mollie Ort, Mlle Clairet - Katherine S. Wright, M. Le Bon - David Maier,  La Brie/Officer - Lucas Hall, Philippe - Liz Blake White, Madame Papillon/Deschamps - Donna Marie Miller, Madame Papillon's Assistant/Guard - Alex Wiles



Don Raymond - David Janosik, Theodore - Jonathan Conyers,  Don Felix - Chris Dunn,  Ursula - Donna Marie Miller,  Conrad - Liz Blake White,  Porteress - Mollie Ort,  Marco (Master of Hotel) - Bo Wilson,  Agnes - Alex Wiles,  Claude - Lucas HallBaptista - David Maier,  Marguerette - Katherine S. Wright


Monumental Fire: Richmond Shakespeare and Henley Street Theatre recreate the most tragic theater bill in local history — with the dead beneath their feet. To read more click here


2014 Richmond Theater Critics Circle awards Sunday, October 19, 2014

The Drowsy Chaperone received several nominations including:
Best Musical
The Drowsy Chaperone, Swift Creek Mill
Best Direction (Musical)
Tom Width, The Drowsy Chaperone
Best Musical Direction
**Paul Deiss, The Drowsy Chaperone
Best Choreography
Dennis Clark, The Drowsy Chaperone
Outstanding Achievement in Lighting Design
Joe Doran, The Drowsy Chaperone
Outstanding Achievement in Set Design
Tom Width, The Drowsy Chaperone

The Richmond Theatre Critics Circle was established in 2008 with the sole purpose of recognizing excellence in Richmond-area professional theater through the nomination and presentation of an annual awards. It is the hope of the RTCC that this public recognition and celebration will bring more attention to the high calibre of live performance in central Virginia.

The annual black-tie event where the RTCC awards — or Artsies — are presented was organized not just as a celebration but as a charitable event with all proceeds benefiting the Theatre Artists Fund. This Fund provides emergency assistance to theater professionals who find themselves in dire financial circumstances, often because of a medical condition. Over the past three years, the annual Artsies events have resulted in several thousand dollars being contributed to the Fund.

For more information about the RTCC awards go to

Richmond Times-dispatch: "'Give Me Liberty' actors put heart into portraying revolutionaries.

Check out this Richmond Times-dispatch article entitled "‘Give Me Liberty’ actors put heart into portraying revolutionaries: Cast for ‘Give Me Liberty’ shows in Richmond strives to take audience back to 1775" - click here

BY Laura Kebede Richmond Times-Dispatch Jul 13, 2014

Charlotte’s Web at Virginia Rep's Children's Theatre at Willow Lawn


Charlotte’s Web

October 10 – November 9, 2014

Virginia Rep's Children's Theatre at Willow Lawn

Adapted by Joseph Robinette
Based on the book by E.B. White

Based on the bestselling book by E.B. White, Charlotte’s Web tells the story of a rambunctious pig named Wilbur who is desperately trying to avoid the butcher and a friendly spider named Charlotte who uses her web and creative thinking to save him from slaughter. This funny and heartfelt classic will excite young readers as they watch a familiar story come alive on stage and teach them that sometimes it’s the most unlikely friends that prove to be the best.

Length: 1 hour & 15 minutes (+10 minute intermission)

Suggested for ages 5 and up. 

In addition to playing guitar and singing, Lucas is played the role of Lurvy.


The review titled "Charlotte’s Web Stays Beautifully True to The Novel" says:  "Virginia Rep brings the cherished novel to life with exactly the right mix of love, nostalgia and honesty that makes you want to pick up the book and read it again.", "the young women sing time-honored songs such as You Are My Sunshine and Keep on the Sunny Side, beautifully anchored by the voice and music from Lucas Hall on the guitar.", "notable performances include Jessi Johnson and Paul Major as the uppity Goose and the Gander (respectively). Lucas Hall as the loveable Lurvy, Donathan Arnold as Avery, the hilarious and adorable Lamb played by Hanna Piper and Evan Nasteff as a sly Templeton."  and "Charlotte’s Web is an excellent production for those who loved the book and a wonderful introduction for those who have yet to experience it." click here to read the full review

The Richmond Times-Dispatch review by JULINDA LEWIS says: "an overall delightful show that held the attention of children from about age 5 and up as well as adults" and "The entire cast — both human and animal — looked marvelous in Sarah Grady’s designs, and Chase Kniffen’s direction kept the story moving at a natural pace" - click here for the full review

Richmond Family Magazine Theatre Review entitled ""Radiant" Charlotte’s Web is “Some Show” for Families" says: "Bravo Virginia Rep’s Children’s Theater…you’ve done it again!", "While not a musical, yesteryear songs are woven into the story. Our grandparents would immediately recognize every song and I’ll admit that when those talented narrators sang “You Are My Sunshine” I was missing my own grandma. (Kleenex a must.)  However, not all of the songs are tearjerkers. One of my boys left the theater singing “Keep on the Sunny Side of Life.” The songs are backed by Lucas Hall who plays acoustic guitar just beautifully. (That’s some farmhand!)?  - click here for the full review



A Midsummer Night's Dream - June 12-July 6, 2014

Richmond Shakespeare and Henley Street Theatre

This was the first show in the 2014 Richmond Shakespeare Festival at Agecroft Hall: June 12-July 6.

The Nobles
Theseus - John Moon, Hippolyta - Melissa Johnston Price, Hermia - Audra Honaker, Lysander - Charley Raintree, Helena - Maggie Roop, Demetrius- Dixon Cashwell, Egeus/Philostrate - Anne Regan Carr

The Fairy Kingdom:
Titania - Melissa Johnston Price, Oberon - John Moon, Puck - Raven Wilkes, Peaseblossom - Patrick Bello, Cobweb - Catherine Smith, Moth - Johanna Rozycki, Mustardseed - Allison Blanton, Indian Boy - Paxton Martinez

The Mechanicals:
Quince - Elisabeth Ashby, Bottom - Dave White,Flute - John Mincks, Snug - Lucas Hall, Snout - LaSean Greene, Starveling - Eddie Webster

Director - Jan Powell, Assistant Director - Melissa Rayford, Production Manager - Austin R. Cooper, Stage Manager - Hannah Adaway, Makeup Design - Stacie Rearden Hall, Costume Design - Virginia McConnell, Lighting Design - BJ Wilkinson, Set Design & Construction - Richard Moxley, Sound Design - Andrew Craig, Properties Management - David Plotnick, Movement Specialist - Kaye Weinstein Gary, Text Coach - Shirley Keegan

The performances at Agecroft Hall 4305 Sulgrave Road, Richmond, Virginia 23221

 For more information go to: or or


The Richmond Times-Dispatch review by Tony Farrell entitled ‘Dream’ still bewitching in its power says: "Tangling only to untangle is the essence of Shakespearean fun, of course, and Powell, with her knack for comedic timing, turns the asylum over to the inmates, allowing her actors to run full-tilt as they hector, chase and even carry one another around the Agecroft space." - click here to read the full review's A Midsummer Night’s Dream (review) says: "This cast is populated with accomplished talent that manages the comic confusion with aplomb.", "Dixon Cashwell’s frustrated lover is a standout, in addition to The Mechanicals, who provide the show’s most funny moments." and "Director Jan Powell has kept the energy up and liberally sprinkled the farcical, physical comedy that she does so hilariously" (4 out of 5 stars).

Richmond Family Magazine Theatre Review entitled Midsummer Night’s Dream is Absolutely Dreamy at Agecroft says: "Director Jan Powell brought the magic to life", "The talented cast injected so much personality that I’d recommend it even for youngsters who may not fully understand the play." and "The entire band of “amateur actors” – the same motley crew who greet audience members upon entrance – were sensationally un-amateur in their bumbling and fumbling." click here to read the full review


Harriet Tubman and the Underground Railroad - Jan. 31 - Feb. 21, 2014

January 31 – February 9, 2014 (Student Matinees through February 21)

Acts of Faith


Based on the true story of Harriet Tubman
Book and Lyrics by Douglas Jones; Music by Ron Barnett
Part of The Acts of Faith Theatre Festival

Only seven public performances! The Saturday, February 1 performance has sold out.

This stirring drama with music is a classic tribute to the great American who freed herself and hundreds of her people from the bonds of slavery. As Harriet and her friend Sarah Bradford narrate her adventurous life, we share in the joys, sorrows, and challenges faced by this brave women who changed the world through her courage. Accurate and deeply moving, Harriet Tubman and the Underground Railroad is at turns inspiring, heart-warming, and comical, full of the good humor, determination and the charity of its subject. Your students will find a new appreciation for Harriet Tubman and a deeper understanding of her times.

Length: 1 hour
Suggested for ages 7 and up.

There was a talk back immediately following the performance on February 9.

Student Matinee Dates and Booking

Learn more about field trip funding from Target.

Buy Tickets

Call (804) 282-2620


Lucas played the role of publisher W. J. Moses.

The performances took place at The Children's Theatre at Willow Lawn 1601 Willow Lawn Drive suite 301e, Richmond (Henrico), VA 23230


Watch preview that aired on WTVR's Virginia This Morning on January 30th - 

The Richmond Times-Dispatch review by Julinda Lewis:

Richmond Family Magazine Theatre Review entitled "Harriet Tubman: Poignant, Inspirational, and Thought-Provoking" says "The play is brilliantly written by Douglas Jones", "The cast is small, and several cast members play multiple roles. This only adds to the intimacy of the group and the transition between characters is seamless." and "the actors are extremely passionate".


The Drowsy Chaperone at Swift Creek Mill Theatre closed 12/21/13


Direction by Tom Width, Music Direction by Paul Deiss and Choreography by Dennis Clark.


Man in Chair..................................Richard Koch

Janet Van de Graaf.....................Christie Jackson

Robert Martin.............................Dan Stackhouse

The Drowsy Chaperone....Nicole Foret Oberleitner

Feldzieg..............................................Joe Pabst

Kitty................................Georgia Rogers Farmer

Mrs. Tottendale.........................Jacqueline Jones

Underling...........................................Steve King

George..............................................Paul Major

Gangster 1.....................................David Janeski

Gangster 2..................................... Evan Nasteff

Aldolpho...................................Matthew Shofner

Trix.................................Tarnee' Kendell Hudson

Superintendent ................................. Lucas Hall

Ensemble.... Asa Maurer, Sarah White Pruden, & Maggie Roop & Lucas Hall


Lighting Design...........................Joe Doran

Costume Design...........Maura Lynch Cravey

Sound Design.............................Paul Deiss

Set and Special Effects Design....Tom Width


Swift Creek Mill Theatre undergoes major renovations! - Progress Index

For more information go to


The ShowBizRadio review says: “I now have a new favorite musical comedy!”, “Director Tom Width also got it right, casting this show with many of Richmond’s most talented musical comedy actors and actresses and placing their talents in the perfect roles.” & “The Drowsy Chaperone will leave you anything but drowsy”

The Richmond Times-Dispatch review entitled "Lively ‘Chaperone’ a treat" says: “the Tony Award-winning “Chaperone” practically bursts the seams of Swift Creek’s newly renovated space with a crackling narrative conceit that’s broad, bawdy and bordering on burlesque.” & “Tom Width’s snappy direction and masterful set design also gives “Chaperone’s” 18 players, all of them leading lights on the Richmond theater scene, the chance to show off their singing, dancing and acting chops — three distinct skills notoriously difficult to find in a single actor.”

The Progress-Index review entitled "'The Drowsy Chaperone' anything but drowsy" says:  "The Drowsy Chaperone" has a cast of 17 amazingly talented actors, chosen and superbly directed by Width, with Paul Diess working his magic as musical director and conductor of a talented eight-piece orchestra." and "I laughed until my face ached." says : “Chaperone” is the MOST must-see show in the area."


Killing Kennedy on the National Geographic Channel

Killing Kennedy premiered on November 10th 2013 on the National Geographic Channel.   Lucas played the role of a Dallas Police Officer (Officer Atwell).  

Director: Nelson McCormick

Writers: Kelly Masterson & Bill O'Reilly

Producer: Ridley Scott

For more information check out:


CLUE - A Holiday WHODONEIT on 12/16/2013 only!

Richmond Shakespeare and Henley Street Theatre present:


Please join your hosts, Jeffrey Cole and Brittany Keegan on Mon, Dec 16th at Richmond Triangle Players for a holiday party and staged reading of the movie Clue with some of your favorite Richmond actors! We are asking everyone to come dressed as their favorite character from the movie! Cocktails start at 6:30pm, followed by the staged reading of the movie CLUE at 7:30!

Donation - $15 (cash or check at the door)

All proceeds will go to Henley Street Theatre & Richmond Shakespeare.

FEATURING: Wadsworth – Thomas Cunningham,Col. Mustard David Janeski, Miss Scarlet – Stacie Rearden Hall, Professor Plum – Andrew Boothby, Mrs. White - Liz Blake White, Mr. Green – Jeffrey Cole, Mrs. Peacock – JB Steinberg, Yvette – Eva DeVirgilis, The Motorist – Lucas N. Hall, The Cop – Ronnie Brown, The Singing Telegram Girl – McLean Jesse , The Witness – John Porter, Mr. Boddy - Evan Nasteff

The performance will take place at Richmond Triangle Players 1300 Altamont Avenue, Richmond, Virginia 23230

The Virginia Debates on the Ratification of the United States Constitution

The Virginia Debates on the Ratification of the United States Constitution

2013 marks the 225th anniversary of the Virginia debates concerning the proposed Constitution for the United States of America. James Madison and Edmund Randolph argue in favor of ratification, while Patrick Henry and George Mason are opposed. George Wythe narrates.

The performance will take place on Aug. 10, 2013.

Lucas will play the role of George Mason.

The performance will be held at the Historic Hanover Courthouse at 11:00 a.m.  The performance is free and open to the public.

The Historic Hanover County Courthouse is located on Hanover Courthouse Road (Rt. 301) in Hanover, VA , directly across the street from Hanover Tavern, 13181 Hanover Courthouse Road, Hanover, VA  23069.

  For more information check out this Richmond Times-Dispatch article - click here

New Voices for the Theatre:  2013 FESTIVAL OF NEW WORKS

SPARC presents the 24rd Annual New Voices for the Theatre: FESTIVAL OF NEW WORKS

Friday, July 5 @ 8 p.m. (three plays:The Visitor, A Rustling is Heard and The Great Debate)

Saturday, July 6 @ 2 p.m. (two plays: Shutter Speed and Imagination Detonation)
July 6 @ 8 p.m. (three plays: Winging It, Coward and Band-aids)

at VCU's Shafer Street Playhouse

The Great Debate by Stephen Roddewig
Director: Brad Tuggle
Stage Manager: Emily Vial
Liam: Phil Vollmer
Chester: Lucas Hall
Sullivan: Kevin Inouye
Fernando: Vinnie Gonzalez
Sarah: Beth Popp

For more information about New Voices for the Theatre check out

 VCU's Shafer Street Playhouse

SOS: Mayday, Mayday, Mayday!! at the Mariners Museum

This was filmed by Dreams Factory for the Mariners Museum.

This Mariners’ Museum exhibition explores the aftermath of marine catastrophes through the perspective of those who have been cast adrift on the sea.

Description from the Mariners' Museum website:
SOS:Mayday, Mayday, Mayday!!
Immerse yourself in the chaos of sinking ships through a multi-media production.  Experience the terror of witnessing a ship breaking apart and sinking... then hear the cries of passengers in a their struggle to survive.  Feel the panic and anxiety as you realize you are lost, and alone in the ocean.


 Lucas plays the role of a ship's captain in the middle of a terrible storm.


You can watch the video here -

Check out for more information

Cotton Patch Gospel at Hanover Tavern closed April 28!

January 25 – April 28, 2013

At Hanover Tavern



Part of Virginia Rep's Barksdale Season at Hanover Tavern
Part of The Acts of Faith Theatre Festival
Book by Tom Key and Russell Treyz
Music and lyrics by Harry Chapin
Adapted from the books by Clarence Jordan

A joyous, musical adaptation of the Gospels of Matthew and John!
A gem of musical theater, this reverent adaption of “The Greatest Story Ever Told” transplants the story of Jesus into the mid-20th-century American South and considers what might have happened had Jesus been born in Georgia — with Gainesville standing in for Bethlehem, Valdosta for Nazareth and Atlanta as the fateful Jerusalem. A cast of exuberant actors/singers/musicians takes the audience on a fun, foot-stomping and inspiring journey with plenty of places to laugh and cry.

Directed by Chase Kniffen

Music Direction by H. Drew Perkins

Cast/Musicians included H. Drew Perkins, Eric Williams, Chris Stewart, Lucas Hall, Brian Sulser, Mike Moore, Corey Wells, Jim Wark, Dennis Elliot, Greg Debrune and Jim Skelding!

 Go to for more information.


RICHMOND TIMES-DISPATCH THEATER REVIEW by MATTHEW MILLER entitled ‘Cotton Patch Gospel’ good for the soul - New Testament roars to life in a rural Georgia hoedown  - click here to read the review

Herald Progress Theatre Review entitled “God, Gospel and Grits at Hanover Tavern”: “A group of six men takes on multiple roles, they’re well suited for the show’s casual, folksy nature, which involves some friendly fourth-wall breakage. As musicians, they’re all superb.”  To read the full review go to 

Richmond Family Magazine Theatre Review by Joan Tupponce entitled Cotton Patch Gospel “Entertains Throughout”: “Virginia Repertory Theatre is taking a toe-tapping approach to the annual Acts of Faith Festival”, “good family entertainment”, “Lucas Hall and Eric Williams are very engaging in their storytelling and work well with Christopher Stewart who lights up the stage” – Click here to read the full review
WCVE Theatre Review by John Porter: "Chase Kniffen has assembled a crowd pleasing production that somehow just seems right at home in its rural Hanover location." - click here to read the full review  click here to listen
The Theatre Review by Bruce Levy: "Stewart is kind of a southern Matthew Broderick in displaying charm and likeability as Jesus.", "a perfect setting for this show". "The band gives a great performance ans is adept vocally and instrumentally", "They are at all times energetic and entertaining." and "The story is novel, and Chapin's music is catchy.  Cotton Patch Gospel is a hand-clapping, foot-tapping good ol' time." 
Style Weekly Theatre Review by Rich Griset: "cast members are uniformly energetic and amusing", "Perhaps the show's strongest element is its score, written by folk-rock singer and songwriter Harry Chapin. Numbers such as "Are We Ready?" and "We're Gonna Love It While It Lasts" are just as catchy as some of Chapin's better-known work." & "an entertaining and engaging retelling of the story of Jesus"

Check out this video of the cast singing "Something's brewing in Gainesville" on Virgina This Morning on CBS 6 


The Herald-Progress: A musical welcoming at recent Habitat for Humanity dedication


Ghost Light After Party at Richmond Triangle Players 4/7/2013!

Ghost Light After Party this Sunday, April 7th! The snow has passed, the sun is out and we're ready to do some make-up partying!!

We're going Back to Basics, bringing "old school" Broadway back while introducing a Richmond newcomer, Kirstin Riegler! We'll put her through the 20 Questions gauntlet, and make her a musical theatre Mad Lib none of us will forget!

We are also very excited to welcome the cast of Cotton Patch Gospel to the stage this Sunday to share some tune-age from their show!!  For more information about Cotton Patch Gospel check out

Come dressed as your favorite classic show tune crooner or Broadway character and bring your favorite "old school" show tunes to sing, sing, sing!

Doors open at 8:30 and our Mistress of the Keys, Sandy Dacus, will take the stage shortly after 9:00 for open mic hysteria! Evan Nasteff will be back behind the bar with Savita so prepare to get your drank on.

Tickets were $5, and all proceeds are put toward the production of new theatrical works and outreach programs in RVA.

 Facebook event page


Here's a fun blog post about the night": "Three guys in jeans, members of Hanover Tavern's production of "Cotton Patch Gospel" came up with upright bass, guitar and their voices.  Their first song went off flawlessly"

"Two of the "Cotton Patch" gents returned to entertain us, with Lucas do
ing his best to get through a song before sharing, "Hi, I learned banjo eleven weeks ago."  He got the gold star of the night for playing a new instrument and on a song that he doesn't even play in the production." -

Killing Lincoln premiered on National Geographic 2/17/2013!

April 14, 1865. One gunshot. One assassin hell-bent on killing “a tyrant,” as he charged — the 16th president of the United States. And in one moment, our nation was forever changed. This is the most dramatic and resonant crime in American history: the true story of the killing of Abraham Lincoln. National Geographic Channel's first-ever docudrama, Killing Lincoln, combines re-creations with historical insight in a thrilling chronicle of the final days of President Lincoln.


Adrian Moat


Erik Jendresen & Bill O'Reilly


Ridley Scott and Tony Scott

I had a very small role in this, here's a picture of me on set. (click here / see below)

Click here for a short video clip

For more information check out:


Our Town at Sycamore Rouge - closed December 23, 2012


  Our Town

December 1 - 23, 2012

Our Town was written by American playwright Thornton Wilder in 1937.  While set in a simple way, Our Town packs a powerful punch.  Wilder won the Pulitzer Prize for Drama for Our Town

"imbued with sober humor", "director Jeffrey Cole reinterprets Wilder’s musings on these human connections with an optimistic tone, and with inventive touches" and "Grover’s Corners has sealed its place in the fabric of small-town Americana, and it’s nowhere better now than in Petersburg." - Richmond Times Dispatch theatre review


"What an exciting evening for the actors, audience and friends of Sycamore Rouge", "thoughtful interpretation and production of Our Town" and "Take the time to see this heart-warming production" - Progress Index theatre review entitled "'Our Town' lights up Old Towne"

Check out for ticket information and more details


Staged Reading: "Santa Come Home" at Richmond Triangle Players

Staged Reading: "Santa Come Home" at Richmond Triangle Players Sunday November

18, 2012 2:00 PM

 Directed by Stacie Rearden Hall

Featuring the talents of Alex Wiles, Aly Wepplo, Kimberly Jones Clark, Kevin Grants, Jim Barbour and Lucas Hall!

 Richmond Triangle Players, 1300 Altamont Avenue Richmond, VA 23230

"Keepers of the Flame" - new welcome video for the Virginia State Capitol

The Virginia Capitol Foundation, in partnership with Tim Reid & New Millennium Studios, produced this orientation film titled "Keepers of the Flame" which premiered October 25, 2012.

 The film is available for viewing seven days a week during regular state capital tour hours.     -

Lucas played Carter Braxton, a delegate to the 2nd Virginia convention of 1775,  at the convention where Patrick Henry gave his famous "Give me Liberty or Give me Death!" speech.

For behind the scenes photos click here and/or here

Click here for the Virginia Capital Foundation press release

The Amazing Miss Lizzie's Dark Seance at The American Civil War Center at Tredegar - Oct 30 - Nov 2

The American Civil War Center at Tredegar - Oct 29 - Nov 2


Spirit rapping, ghostly instruments, and other attempts at communion with the dead were once common occurrences in American parlors.

People from every social strata attended séances where mediums purported to be in contact with departed spirits. During the Civil War thousands desperate to contact fallen loved ones enlisted the aid of a medium. What would they have experienced at one of these sittings?

The story centers on Mr. and Mrs. Nelson as they seek to communicate to their son who lost his life during the Civil War.

Featured talents included Becca Muhleman, Stacie Rearden Hall, John Maddox and Lucas Hall!

  Evening performances took place at the The American Civil War Center at Tredegar - Oct 30 through Nov 2.

$10 Adult
$5 Students

Surprise Shakespeare! at Sycamore Rouge

September 14th at 8:00 p.m. Sycamore Rouge presented Surprise Shakespeare! .
Actors (of which Lucas was one) learned what play would be performed at 6 p.m., made their notes, chose their costumes, and the play was on at 8 p.m.!
Surprise Shakespeare! was a pay-what-you-will FUNdraiser and all proceeds went directly to Sycamore Rouge!
This featured the talents of Kerry McGee, Nicholas Aliff, Adam Mincks, Noah Downs, Alex Wiles, Grace Mincks, Tarnee' Hudson, Durron Tyre, Thomas Nowlin, Lucas Hall, Kellita Wooten, Doug Jones, Ali Thibodeau, and Eric Dobbs.

AS YOU WISH - An [Un]staged Reading of 'THE PRINCESS BRIDE' at Sycamore Rouge

July 18 and 19 at 8:00 p.m. at Sycamore Rouge presented William Goldman’s screenplay and brought this masterpiece-turned-cult-classic to life through a special agreement with Princess Bride Ltd.

With some of the most beloved characters and oft-quoted one-liners of all time, THE PRINCESS BRIDE has charmed and delighted audiences since 1987 (or before that, if you consider the book.)

What’s more, both performances were PAY-”AS-YOU-WISH”-and all proceeds went directly to Sycamore Rouge!
Narrator 1/Valerie/The Ancient Booer - Stacie Rearden Hall
Narrator 2/The Very Impressive Clergyman - Andrew Hamm
Narrator 3/The Mother/The Queen - Caroline Mincks
Narrator 4/The Albino - Ray Bullock
Narrator 5/Yellin - Lucas Hall
The Grandfather - Eric Dobbs
The Kid - David Millman
Buttercup - Alex Wiles
Westley - Matt Hacman
Prince Humperdinck - Adam Mincks
Count Rugen - Frank Creasy
Vizzini - Walter Schoen
Fezzik - Foster Solomon
Inigo Montoya - Jeffrey Cole
Miracle Max/The King/The Assistant Brute - Kyle Talley
“Heroes. Giants. Villains. Wizards. True Love. Not just your basic, average, everyday, ordinary, run-of-the-mill, ho-hum fairy tale.”

The 48 Hour Film Project - Premiere Screenings July 21 & 22, 2012

The 48 Hour Film Project comes back to Richmond on the weekend of July 13 - 15, 2012. Filmmakers from all over the Richmond area will compete to see who can make the best short film in only 48 hours. The winning film will go up against films from around the world.

 Premiere Screenings

July 21 & 22, 2012 @ 1:30pm & @ 4:00pm
The Byrd Theatre
, 2908 West Carey St. Richmond, Va. 23221
$10 Per Screening Group or $15 For All Screening Pass

The New Voices for the Theatre: FESTIVAL OF NEW WORKS was 7/6 & 7/2012

SPARC presents the 23rd Annual New Voices for the Theatre: FESTIVAL OF NEW WORKS 
The festival performances took place July 6 @8pm & 7 @2pm & 8pm, 2012
Firehouse Theatre Project
1609 West Broad Street, Richmond, VA 23230
Every Synonym of Beautiful was performed at 2pm on July 7th. 
Lucas and Stacie both performed in Every Synonym of Beautiful.
Written by Elke Thoms.  Direction by Adrian Rieder.
Jason Marks, Dean Knight and Rebecca Muhleman are also in the cast!
for more information go to

Scorched Earth at Barksdale Theatre - closed May 20, 2012

The Richmond Times-Dispatch review by Susan Haubenstock says "The satisfying depth of skill displayed by the cast of 16 makes most of the 23 characters come to life.", "stunning wraparound set",  "There's more to admire ... on-target performances by Scott Melton as a deacon, Lucas Hall as a manufacturing plant manager, Jeremy Howard as a sheriff's deputy." and "this is a well-made play given a caring, lovely production. So much homegrown talent, and so much to be proud of." -  click here to read the full review

The review by Jennifer Maciulewicz says "“Scorched Earth” is packed with suspense and will give you chills", "this play is captivating from beginning to end with several “I didn’t see that coming” moments." and "The male leads were exceptionally strong"

The review by Liz Jewett says "The play is entertaining and well-acted.", " incredibly compelling", "stellar performances", "the writing is often wonderful" and "Steve Perigard’s direction is solid"

Style Weekly review by Rich Griset says “David Janeski also puts in a solid performance as Thomas Derby”,  “Barksdale obviously spared no expense in this production” and “Ron Keller's set design is technically impressive”

 The WCVE Public Radio review by John Porter says "the company delivers a tight evening of drama and suspense",  "Ron Keller’s set is amazing", and "Scorched Earth is a don’t miss it production." - click here to read the full review - click here to hear the review

Best-selling author (Richmond’s own) David L. Robbins has adapted his
suspense-filled, compassionate thriller for the stage. A rural Virginia community is torn apart when the tiny body of a stillborn, mixed-race baby is exhumed from the graveyard, and the neighboring church is burned to the ground. Suggested for ages 14+.

“intriguing characters, a compelling plot" and "Highly Recommended." –Library Journal (review of novel)

Lucas performed the role of Mr. Sipe.
"Buried Secrets" - Richmond Magazine (April 2012) - Click here to read the article online
"Another Earth" - Style Weekly - Click here to read the article online
"World premiere of David Robbins' 'Scorched Earth' at Barksdale Theatre" - Richmond Times Dispatch - click here to read the article online
"Barksdale Theatre Presents SCORCHED EARTH" - - click here to read the article

Related events:

On April 6, 2012 at 7:00 p.m. at the Main Public Library Friends of Richmond Public Library hosted David Robbins for the Richmond Writers Forum.

On April 21, 2012 from 1:00 p.m.-5:00 p.m. there was a Matinee and Behind the Scenes Workshop for area high school students.

On May 8, 2012 at 9:15 a.m. there will be Coffee & Conversations Behind the Scenes of Scorched Earth with David Robbins at Barksdale Theatre Willow Lawn. Free and open to the public. Call 282-2620. Doors open at 9:00 a.m. Program begins at 9:30 a.m. -

In April 2012 Lucas went behind bars for 'good'

Your donations were the key to my freedom!   Be proud of the fact that together we're providing help and hope to kids and adults served by MDA in our community.  Thanks for making a (tax deductible) difference!


Henley Street Theatre Company's critically acclaimed production of "The Liar" closed April 28!

My lovely wife, Stacie, performed in "The Liar" at Henley Street Theatre Company. Stacie played the roles of identical twins Isabelle and Sabine! "The Liar" opened April 5 and ran thru April 28, 2012. Performances took place in the Gottwald Playhouse at Richmond CenterStage. For more information check out

Richmond Times-Dispatch theatre review - "Truth be told, 'The Liar' is dazzling, fast and funny" by Julinsa Lewis: "side-splitting comedy" and "Stacie Rearden Hall has the men's heads spinning in her dual role as the identical twins Isabelle and Sabine." - click here to read the full review review - says "This play is absolutely hilarious with highly impressive word-play that will leave your head spinning in a good way!" - click here for the full review

Check out David Timberline's review -

Jewtopia at HATTheatre closed March 18th.

Lucas played the role of Chris O'Connell in HATTheatre's production of Jewtopia.  The ever talented Chris Hester played the role of Adam Lipschitz.  Direction by Vickie Scallion.  Also featured Stan Baranowski, Liz Herlich, Michael Dunn, Crystal Oakley, Sarah Robins, Natasha Liu, and Nicole Fratkin!

for more information go to or


Richmond Times Dispatch review for Jewtopia:  "The lovely, hard-working group of actors Scallion assembles is clearly committed to making these people as real as possible. Chris Hester and Lucas Hall, as Adam and Chris, are both antic and sweet, and extra doses of chuckle-worthy yiddishkeit come from Michael Dunn, as a beleaguered rabbi, and Sarah Robins, who plays all the misbegotten dates. Nicole Fratkin is especially funny as Adam’s furious younger sister.", "The cast earns kudos for taking their characters seriously and infusing them with heart" - "This one had the entire audience laughing"

 JEWTOPIA, written by Bryan Fogel and Sam Wolfson, tells the story of two 30 year old single men, Chris O’Connell and Adam Lipschitz.  Chris, a gentile, wants to marry a Jewish girl so he’ll never have to make another decision. Adam Lipschitz, a Jew, wants to marry a Jewish girl to please his family, but can’t get a date to save his life. After meeting at a Jewish singles mixer, Adam and Chris form a secret pact. Chris promises that he will help Adam find the Jewish girl of his dreams and show him “Jewtopia”, but only if Adam will help Chris shed his gentile-ness and bring him undercover into the Jewish world. Stereotypes collide, cultures clash and chaos ensues!

In addition to its sold-out run in Los Angeles, making it the longest running non-musical in L.A history, Jewtopia, played for three-years Off-Broadway at the Westside Theatre. A feature film based on the play just finished filming this past August. Recommended for PG 13

March 10 @ 8:00 - SOLD OUT!
March 11 @ 2:00*
March 16 & 17 @ 8:00 - SOLD OUT!
March 18 @ 2:00 - SOLD OUT!

Added performance March 18 @ 6:00 - SOLD OUT!

*The audience stayed after the show for the The Acts of Faith Festival discussion about the play with the director, the cast, and members of the faith community immediately following the performance on 3/11/2012.

Keep on the Sunny Side - closed October 22, 2011

Swift Creek Mill Theatre

Keep on the Sunny Side
by Douglas Pote
September 15 – October 22, 2011

 The songs & story of the original Carter family, told against the backdrop of their Virginia roots and the love story that made country music famous. A.P. Carter, Maybelle Carter, Sara Carter, Janette Carter, Ezra 'Eck' Carter, Joe Carter & Ralph Peer are brought to life in this telling look at their lives and music – music that defined their time and their way of life: "Will The Circle Be Unbroken," "Wildwood Flower," "My Clinch Mountain Home," and so many more.

Richmond Times Dispatch review entitled "'Sunny Side' features songs, stories of Carter Family" says - "Swift Creek Mill's fall season opens with a crowd-pleaser"  click here to read the full review
Progress-Index review entitled "'Sunny Side' up at Swift Creek" says - "the production received a well deserved standing ovation.",  "Country music lovers will adore it, and everyone will enjoy the story.", "Lucas Hall is amusing and convincing".  click here to read the full review.
Daves Theatre Blog review - "Most of the songs are delivered with energy and clarity by gifted musicians like Emily Cole, David Janeski and Lucas Hall",  "Mr. Hall has a great scene to really chew some scenery as Dr. Brinkley and he makes the most of it."  click here
Lucas played the roles of Ezra Carter, Joe Carter and Dr. Brinkley.

The Tempest at CenterStage - Tuesday 10/11/2011

"The Tempest" was directed by Andrew Hamm and produced by Liz Blake White.

Prospero – Andy Boothby
Antonio – Thomas Cunningham
Alonso – Adam Mincks
Sebastian – Stacie Rearden Hall
Ferdinand – Greg Joubert
Gonzalo – ‘Rick Gray
Adrian – Lucas Hall
Francisco – David Janosik
Caliban – Jeff Cole
Trinculo – Derek Phipps
Stephano – Frank Creasy
Miranda – Maggie Horan
Ariel / Iris – Audra Honaker
Juno / Master – Ali Thibodeau
Ceres / Boatswain – Maura Burroughs
Narrator - Caroline Elizabeth Mincks 
see for more information.

 Location: The Gottwald Playhouse at CenterStage 600 E. Grace Street, Richmond, Virginia 23226

The Two Gentlemen of Verona - closed July 31st, 2011

The Two Gentlemen of Verona - 

Directed by Molly Hood

Lucas played the roles of Panthino, the Host and Outlaw #3. review by Liz Jewett - "The cast and crew did an excellent job" & "it’s so delightful"

Richmond Times-Dispatch review by Susan Haubenstock- "Two Gentlemen of Verona" a cool, summer comedy review by Matthew Miller - "Two Gentlemen of Verona will surely satisfy"

 "What better American venue for a Shakespeare performance than a place where the bard himself is claimed to have stood within 20 miles of?" - - "Two Gentlemen of Verona" debuts at Agecroft Hall

Commercial for Broadway at the Empire: Dirty Rotten Scoundrels

Lucas played a small role in commercial for Broadway at the Empire: Dirty Rotten Scoundrels which aired on WWBT NBC 12 in Richmond.

  Below is a link to the video on

click here

Dirty Rotten Scoundrels closed August 7th at the Empire Theatre.

Pirates of the Chemotherapy - June 23 - July 9, 2011

In response to the death of friends in the theater community, two local actors, Terry Menefee Gau and H Lynn Smith, have banded together to produce PIRATES OF THE CHEMOTHERAPY in honor of those friends who have lost their battle with cancer and to benefit the VCU Massey Cancer Center. Written by Paul Schutte the play tries to raise awareness of the importance of early detection without being preachy. It uses comedy to get people to lower their guard.

Ms Gau and Smith recruited a crew of like minded women to direct, act, and design the show. In addition to themselves and Director Becki Jones, the cast includes such Richmond luminaries as Stacie Rearden Hall, Kellita Wooten and Kathy Northrop Parker.

Six breast cancer survivors band together to take on more than just their cancer and its side effects. They face death and take on life!  They find new meaning for their lives through love and laughter. Like pirates, they spit in the face of overwhelming odds and win. The play is both a comedy and a tragedy. Comedy is how many of the members deal with the tragedy of cancer. It underlines the tremendous and relentless spirit of breast cancer survivors.  "Cancer is nothing to laugh about – but you can choose to laugh at it!”

Sponsored by North Chamberlayne Civic Association in association with Chamberlayne Actors Theatre performances were presented at the North Chamberlayne Civic Association Community Center at 319 North Wilkinson Avenue, Richmond, VA on June 23, 24, 25, 30, and July 1, 2, 7, 8, and 9. All performances at 8:00 p.m. and the doors will open at 7:15 p.m.Tickets are $20.00 each. Net proceeds will benefit the VCU Massey Cancer Center. CALL 804-551-9392 or email [email protected] for reservations. - CBS channel 6

Richmond Times-Dispatch - 'Pirates of the Chemotherapy' tackles breast cancer with humor, drama

"Who's the stiff?" produced by Made in Virginia Productions and filmed by Reel Works Media.

On 10/31/10 filming was completed for a short titled "Who's the stiff?" produced by Made in Virginia Productions and filmed by Reel Works Media.  The plan is for this short to be shown at a few area film festivals.  More details to follow.     -

check out the video on You Tube - click here

Tartuffe - Tuesday 11/9/10 at CenterStage - Directed by Stacie Rearden Hall

Richmond Shakespeare presented live music by James Wingo and a delightful performance directed by Stacie Rearden Hall.  Featured Scott Wichmann as Tartuffe, Frank Creasy, Terry Gau, Alex Wiles, Andrew P. Ballard, Cynde Liffick, Andrew Boothby, David Janosik, Laurel Maughan, and Jack Schultz!

The second installment of RS's 2nd Tuesdays Series, Molière's Tartuffe revealed how a religious hypocrite almost succeeds in his plot to jail his trusting friend and his friend's family and cheat them out of their home. The social comedy, which satirizes false piety, hypocrites, and aspects of the Catholic Church, was banned until Molière used his influence with King Louis XIV to get permission for the play to be publicly performed.

The performance was on November 9 falling in the middle of National French Week, and Richmond Shakes celebrated in the appropriate manner - with wine and biting social commentary!

The Sound of Music at the Historic Empire Theatre closed July 4th

"The perfect family summer musical!" - Susan Haubenstock, Richmond Times-Dispatch

"A wonderful cast and crew", "An unforgettable evening of theatre" and "A piece of theatre that will delight any audience" - John Porter, WCVE Public Radio

"The talented cast in this production delivers a show that lives up to its stage and film predecessors", "There isn’t a weak voice in the cast." - Joan, V Magazine for Women and

"Everyone sings beautifully", "you’ll love this production." - Mary Burruss , STYLE Weekly



The Sound of Music
May 14 - July 4, 2010

Music by Richard Rodgers, Lyrics by Oscar Hammerstein II,
Book by Howard Lindsay and Russel Crouse
Co-produced by Barksdale Theatre and Theatre IV
Illustration by Robert Meganck

ASL Interpreted performance for the deaf and hard of hearing
Sunday, June 27 at 2 PM

Lucas was in the ensemble.

Awaken the Spirit at HATTheatre - closed March 7th, 2010

WCVE Theatre Critic John Porter - "some of the finest talent the city has to offer", "make it a point to head out to the West End and enjoy Awaken The Spirit. I did, and I am glad of it."

Awaken the Spirit was part the Acts of Faith festival -

The Song of Mulan - closed February 14, 2010 at the Historic Empire Theatre



 "Adapted from the epic Chinese folk poem
Book, Music and Lyrics by Paul Deiss
When Mulan learns that her ailing father is drafted into Khan’s army, she protects him by serving in his place. Disguised as a boy, she risks everything to maintain family honor and earn the love of her nation. This noble Chinese folk tale features an extraordinary heroine, a dynamic and powerful score, gorgeous costumes and one of the most inspiring stories of all time." -

Lucas played the role of Commander Cai.

Richmond Times-Dispatch:"Messages in 'Mulan' are all good' says "Excellent singing", "Colorful and upbeat" and "Gently funny".  click here to read the full review

The Free Lance-Star in Fredericksburg writes "In Richmond, a powerful production of prodigious prowess perfect for parents and their progeny"

National Geographic Channel: Explorer "Twins from Brazil"

National Geographic Explorer: The title of the episode is 'Nazi Mystery:Twins from Brazil'. The first air date was November 29, 2009. Lucas plays the role of a traveling salesman(van driver) who works with Josef Mengele.  Click here for the National Geographic Channel website


The Lion in Winter - December 8th 2009

Lucas composed the music for the Christmas song in this production.

Richmond Theatre Critics Circle Awards - October 18, 2009 at the Empire Theatre

Richmond Theatre Critics Circle

The 2009 Awards were held at the Empire Theatre.  Over 500 people came out to support Richmond's professional theatre companies, their favorite theatre professionals and enjoyed a fun-filled evening of live performances. 

All profits from this event were donated to the Richmond Theatre Artists Fund, which was created to assist those in the Richmond theatre community who fall on the hardest of times. Click here for more information

Congratulations to Stacie Rearden Hall and the cast of Richmond Shakespeare's "Mid Summer Nights Dream" who won the award for "Best Ensemble"

Interview with 09/12/2009 - "Much ado about Lucas Hall"

Click here for an interview with Caroline Sumner entitled "Much ado about Lucas Hall"

"closing thoughts?" - Caroline

"I'm so excited to be working with this cast and crew (it will be my first time working with Stacie since our marriage)! My closing thoughts on this production of Much Ado About Nothing...all I can say is: brand new space, wonderful cast, splendid script, produced by a great theatre company...this production should be a hit!" - Lucas

Richmond CenterStage Grand Opening was September 12th and 13th 2009

Stacie Rearden Hall performed in the Richmond CenterStage Grand Opening!  The Richmond CenterStage Grand Opening took place at the newly renovated and restored Carpenter Theatre at 600 E. Grace St.

For the Grand Opening, nine performing arts groups from Richmond took the stage together for the first time.  These groups included: Barksdale Theatre, Theatre IV, Richmond Shakespeare, the Richmond Symphony and S.P.A.R.C.

Richmond Times-Dispatch column "I do, I do" September 6 2009 in the Celebrations Section

Lucas and Stacie were featured in a column entitled "I do, I do" in the Sept. 06 2009 Richmond Times-Dispatch in the Celebrations Section.  Article written by Arlene H. Stewart. Photo by the multi-talented Dave White


48 Hour Film Project 2009

The Bard's Birthday: A Shakin' Celebration of Shakespeare - April 25, 2009

On Saturday, April 25 2009, Lucas played William Shakespeare himself for Agecroft Hall and Richmond Shakespeare in celebration of Shakespeare's 445th birthday!

Lucas and Stacie were married on January 17th 2009!

The 3rd Annual Richmond Theatre Critics Circle Awards

The 3rd Annual Richmond Theatre Critics Circle Awards were held at the Empire Theatre on October 17, 2010.

Lucas was in The Sound of Music, which won for Best Musical and Song of Mulan, which was nominated for Best Locally-Developed Work!  Stacie was in Full Plate Collection which won for Best Locally-Developed Work!


Proceeds went to support the Richmond Theatre Artists Fund, a fund established by the Richmond Alliance of Professional Theatres to help those in the Richmond theatre community who fall on hard of times due to illness, injury, or extenuating circumstances.

 for a full list of the nominations go here:

Join the mailing list!


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